Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Cloth Diapers

I watched this video by CandidMommy (aka Jeni)...

And it changed my life. No...really it did! I had thrown around the idea. I talked to my bestie about it. She is all knowledge, on all things baby. She is really the reason I decided to breastfeed my little girl. And she encouraged cloth diapering. But...

Well, I was a little weird by it all. Cloth diapers? Really? I wasn't so sure. But I thought, heck why not research a bit. And I did. I'm convinced. This is what I need to do for my little princess. :)

I just bought a bunch of Fuzzi Bunz. I placed an order for 12 of the extra small and 12 of the small. Oh, I also bought some bags for the diapers. Uncle S...well he went and placed a HUGE order! And got us a Diaper Service. Local. So all things are good. And we are cloth diapering. :)

I also talked to the Daycare where Charlotte is going to go. And they were actually really supportive of the idea. I'm so glad! I think this is going to be best for my little girl. And the diapers are so cute! H

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