Sunday, October 10, 2010

We're Close to Meeting

Dear Honeybee,

I know we're close to meeting. Lots of things feel very different today. We've been in "labor" since Friday. At least that is what our midwife keeps telling me. But I have a feeling, that today, is the day that we get to meet. The day I finally get to hold you in my arms. I can't wait to look into your eyes. And kiss your sweet cheeks! Just thinking about it, makes me so excited!

Over the last 9 months, we've grown so close. We've been through so much! Your growth has been magical. I still remember the 1st time I felt you kick. I cried. I realized that you were really in my belly. Growing big and strong. It's been magical. Just all the new feelings. All of your kicks. And all of the love. We have so much love already. I feel like our bond is so strong!

It hasn't been an easy 9 months. I'd be lying if I said that. But together, we've made it through our pregnancy. You've been so strong for your Mommy. When I 1st found out about you, I was scared to death! How was I going to be a Mommy? What was going to happen? Would your Daddy be excited? And going through all that hard stuff, it's only made the 2 of us stronger. We've made it through all of those things. The 2 of us. We've started over. And I promise you, it's been all well worth it!

I'd do anything for you Charlotte. Anything in the world. I want you to have all the opportunities in life. I want you to be happy. And very healthy! To have a better life than me. I want all of those things for you. And I'll do my best to make your life a good one. A life that is fun, meaningful, and full of love.

Not only do I love you. But there are so many other people in our lives that love you too. All of your Mommy's friends. Mrs. G is already talking about how one day, you and her son are going to date. And get married. That scares your Mommy. But it's nice to see how my friends love you. All of us mommies, we're planning lots of play dates. I want you to have lots of close friends. To grow up in a community that loves you.

There are also 3 very special people in our lives. They're so excited to meet you. Your Uncle S, he just loves you. Everything about you, it makes him smile. You melt his heart. He's a big "manly man." But when he hears your heartbeat, sees your little face, or feels you kick, he just melts. He wants to protect you. And to provide for us. He wants to love us. And he even asked me if he could be your Daddy. We're still working on that. But I know, your Uncle S, he will always be in your life. He will love you like you are part of him. Because you are. You might not be his DNA, but you my dear baby girl, are part of his heart. And you now own his entire heart!

Then there are your Godparents. They love you more than I could ever imagine. They're always calling me. Checking on us. Making sure we're OK. Your Nono, he is always doing thoughtful things for us. Like your nursery at his house, helping me with our move, and with my job. He loves us. A lot!

Your Nana, she just amazing. She loves you with every ounce of her heart. That's one thing you're going to learn about her. She is very independent. And has everything in order. All of her life. But she loves with all of her heart. To the point were it makes her weak and vulnerable. But that's a good thing. Because you can never love too much. Or be loved too much! Your Nana does such thoughtful things for us. Sends us little presents. Writes us the perfect cards. I'm telling you, she loves you like you were hers.

That's why I picked your Nana and Nono to be your Godparents. They're strong people. Hardworking. But they love with all of their hearts. They're going to teach you so much in your life! And they have so much love to share with you. So much love!

We have so many people that love us. We might not have a family. In the traditional sense. But we have people that love us. We've made our own family. And we're going to be your family. The people you can depend on. We're going to love and protect you, for the rest of our lives!

You might not have a Daddy. In the traditional sense. But you have men that are going to help fill that void. Uncle S, he's the guy that I want you to love like a Daddy. He already loves you. He thinks of you as his daughter. He wants to protect you. Love you. And provide for you. In his eyes, the sun rises because of you. I'd have to agree.

My bestie and I, we've been through a lot in our 27 years. Lots of things. But we've always been there for each other. Always! I hope and pray that you have a friend just like her. Someone that you can always depend on. To be honest, I also pray that your Nana and Nono will one day get married. They're perfect for each other. And they have so much love to give each other. Maybe you can help me with that. We can come up with some sort of plan to "Seal the Deal." And maybe they'll have you a little playmate soon! :)

For the last 9 months, we've grown together. You've grown big and strong. And I've tried to grow as a person. And as a Mommy. I've taken all the classes. I've prepared for you. And I've loved you. Now Charlotte Madeleine Grace, I'm ready to meet you. So if 10/10/10 is meant to be your birthday, I'm ready for the ride. I'm ready to celebrate this day with you.

This is a special day. The date is special all on it's own. It's also your Nono's birthday. He'd be so excited to share his day with you! And my dear baby girl, it's special because it's the day we get to meet! I just know it. I know that by tonight, I will get to hold you for the very 1st time.

I just pray that your Uncle S will get back in time. He's trying his best. I pray that your Nana helps your Nono celebrate his big day. And I pray for a safe and healthy birth for you. I want my little girl to be healthy. And safe. And happy. Most of all, happy. That's important in life.

W and me are ready to meet you! We've spent months getting ready for this day. Preparing our home for you. Getting your nursery ready. We're ready to welcome you into our home, our lives, and our family. Most of all Charlotte, I'm ready to be your Mommy. I already love you so much. And I'm going to do all that I can to protect you. For your entire life. Baby girl, I'm ready to be your Mommy. Now all you have to do is come into our world. I love you baby girl! And I'm ready when you are!

Your Mommy

Imogens Garden Dolls

I'm just in LOVE with these little dolls. They're actually not little. But a nice sized doll. But they are a bit expensive. $150 a doll. But they're all handmade!

Look at this little face! So much detail!

Oh my goodness, they are so adorable!

You can have them customize them anyway you'd like! With a specific color of hair, eyes, and little dress!

Yup, I want to get one for Charlotte. But I've been resisting the urge to order one. Because I want to get her a doll, that somewhat looks like her. So maybe when she is a few weeks old, I'll order one. I'm betting that my daughter is going to be blond and either have green or blue eyes. I'm just saying...

Anyway, you can get these dolls at Imogens Garden. They also having smaller dolls that are less expensive. She also sells legwarmers. But these dolls, they're my favorite! H

Happy Birthday Blue Eyes

Today is Mr. Blue Eyes' birthday! Happy Birthday! I hope you have an amazing day. You are so incredibly special to Charlotte and me. I really hope that your day is fun. And that you get everything that you want. Including a date and a birthday cake from my bestie! I've really been working on that! And who knows, maybe your Goddaughter will be born on your birthday too! 10-10-10 would be an easy birthday to remember. :)

More than anything, I want you to be happy. You have completely gone over and beyond your call as a friend. I'm so grateful for that. You've been my shoulder to cry on. More than once. As my life was falling apart, you were there to help me through it all. I'll never forget that.

I know, we have 40 more years to celebrate birthdays together. But I really want you to be happy. You deserve that. You do so much for everybody else in your life. Not only today, but all the time, I want you to be happy. To be able to have everything that you want in your life. Happy Birthday and Good Luck today! Your 2 biggest fans are cheering you on. :) H

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Polyvore Maternity Style

Yes, I've been "laboring" off and on, since yesterday afternoon. That's over 24 hours. And my midwife said, I still have a way to go, before I can head to the hospital. Just when I get really excited, my contractions all but completely stop! Ugh!

So tonight, while talking to Miss Charlotte, I decided to have a little bit of fun. I finally decided to make a new set on Polyvore. Here is my page. And this is the look I came up with.

You know, I just can't think of having to wear pants. I haven't worn pants in at least 2 weeks. I'm thinking it's been a lot longer. Everything that touches my belly, it annoys me. Clothes feel like they're strangling my body. No lie! So I have been wearing lots of dresses. Flowy dresses. With sandals. And I'm not a dress kind of a woman. Nope. All of the year before I got pregnant, I might have worn a dress 3 times.

But dresses have been my "go to," during my entire pregnancy. Love it! They're so comfy. And super easy! If I could just find some underwear that didn't bother me, we'd be perfect! Until then, I have Polyvore to play on. And maybe a nap to take. I didn't sleep much last night. H

Friday, October 8, 2010

Week 41: Patients

Dear Honeybee,

Baby Girl, we're officially "7 days late." But I'm not at all worried. We've had 3 "Non-Stress Tests" this week. And during each one, you were doing amazing! Simply amazing! I got to hear your strong heartbeat. And I got to see your beautiful face this week. 3 times! Every time I see you, my heart melts. Yes, you do that to your Mommy!

Today, I got my membranes scraped after our normal appointment. It hurt. I'm not going to lie. And I started to have some strong contractions. But it is all worth it, if it helps you. Our contractions have almost stopped. It's been a couple of hours. But I feel different. Like this could be the weekend we meet. :)

On Monday and Wednesday, we got to hangout with Uncle S. He didn't want us to be alone. So he hung out with us. He made sure we ate lots of good food. We also managed to do some shopping. Because we went out for a long walk. And while we were walking, we found some nice Baby Shops. I can't wait to take you there when you're born!

Yes, your Uncle S is just spoiling you rotten! I'm sure that you have more clothes than you'll ever wear. And you have so many toys. I can't wait until you are big enough to play with them. The more shopping that I do, the more excited I am to meet you. Yes, Charlotte, your Mommy just can't wait to meet you!

W is also excited. I can tell. He knows something new is about to happen. He has been super close to us lately. Just snuggling with us. Sleeping with us in bed. Well, sleeping while your Mommy tries to sleep. This week, that's been really tough. But I'm trying. But I'm sure W is ready to meet you too. The 2 of you are still playing your games. He puts his cold nose on my belly, and you kick. He licks where you've kicked. And you kick again. It's so exciting to watch! :)

This week was also my last week of work. I only worked 2 days. But it was tough to get through those 2 days. I was so tired when I got home. So I'm thinking, that means that you are almost ready to be born. Now, we just get to relax. And wait for the day when we meet.

This week has been all about patients. I have to allow myself lots of time. I'm moving a lot slower. It's difficult to eat and sleep. But I'm trying. I'm trying really hard. It also takes me a really long time to get places. Because it's hard to walk. And I'm out of breath anytime that I'm moving or talking. But like I said before, it's all worth it. Just to see your beautiful face.

Every morning, I wake up wondering if this is the day. And I go to sleep every night, just starring at your bassinet. Dreaming about the day when you will sleep in there. When I can lay in my bed and watch you sleep. I'm very excited for that day to come!

But I've learned patients this week. I know that I have to wait. That only God knows when we are going to meet. That no matter how ready I am to meet you, you're just not ready to be born. It must be comfy inside! But your Mommy will have lots of patients. And I'll wait as long as I need to. Because I want you to be healthy and happy when you're born. Stay comfy as long as you need to baby girl!

Your Mommy

41 Weeks

•Treasure these last few days before your baby's birth. You are now 7 days "late." But realized you'll never be as close to each other again. So I'm enjoying this.
•This week you've most likely been having non-stress tests done. Just to check to make sure your baby is doing good. All that is done is hooking you up to an external fetal monitor, to see how active and responsive your baby is.
•The "average" first baby, is born 4 days after her estimated due date.
•Your baby will enjoy hearing you read the same stories after her birth, that you read to her, before her birth. You may even be able to tell that she recognizes them by calming down and becoming alert as you read.
•The placenta is a temporary organ. It begins to break down and become less effective after its 40 to 42 weeks are up so your care provider will be keeping a close eye on the well-being of your baby.
•She continues to grow; putting on weight more slowly. And her lungs are fully developed.
•The baby now weighs 7.9 lbs and is 20.3 in long.
•Congratulations! Any day now you will be cradling your baby!

Charlotte, you are amazing! I little stubborn. But truly amazing. We've had 3 non-stress test this week. And you are doing really well. I just think you are really comfy in your mommy. And I'm more than OK with that!

This coming week, well it's pretty much the same. Unless you decide it's time to come. Your mommy had her "membranes" scrapped. In hopes that it will start to move things along. I guess we just have to sit and wait. That's the hardest part. Waiting. Because I know, in about a week, we'll finally get to meet! :) H

Thursday, October 7, 2010

GumDrop Pacifiers

I'm so excited! I got a big package today. When I got home from work, today was my last day by the way, I found a HUGE box on my front porch. :) And there was also another box there. Hmm, I didn't know what it could be.

Then I remembered, I had ordered from GumDrop Pacifiers. I first learned about them from my bestie. She works in L&D, the NICU, PICU, and Pediatric Departments of a hospital. So whatever advice she has for me, I take it!

My Bestie was telling me how they give these little packets of GumDrop Pacifiers to Breastfeeding Moms. Perfect! They're designed to not "confuse" babies. Because of the shape of the nipples.

My bestie gave me 3 of these "Basic Baby Bundles." Each pack has 2 GumDrop pacifiers, 1 Cuddle Square, and 1 MAM Pacifier Keeper. These are a great deal at only $10!

I originally put in the order for some GumDrop Pacifiers. They're having a deal right now. Buy 6 and get 1 free. Oh, and it comes out to $10.50. Much cheaper than the regular pacifiers I see at the store. There are 4 colors, and 2 scents.

I also ordered 6 "Cheaper Keepers." And I got 2 free. They're having a buy 3, get 1 free deal going on right now. For under $7 you get 4 "Cheaper Keepers." And they come with all sorts of stickers to use too!

These are Cuddle Squares. I had 3 from my bestie. But I liked these polka dot ones. So I got a couple more. For $6 a piece! A steal. Because each one comes with a pacifier! :)

The Soothie Nipples are supposed to be designed exactly like the pacifiers. So I had to get some. :) For when I go back to work, and Charlotte is at Daycare. They're 2 for $4.50.

And of course, I needed the Soothie Bottles to go with the nipples. For when Charlotte is at Daycare. They come in 2 packs for $4. In either 5oz or 9oz sizes. I got a few packs of both.

I also bought this blanket. It's Winnie the Pooh. And it's supposed to be a soother. It also has rattles. And was only $10. It's super soft!

The small box, it was my order. The one I put in last week. The large box, well S put in a rush order on Monday. And both orders happened to be delivered today. Charlotte got 8 Canisters of GumDrops. Yes, I said 8 Canisters. Each Canister has 25 pacifiers! What are we going to do with them all? S also got Charlotte a variety of things from GumDrop's website. I'm positive that my little girl will have everything she needs when she's born. H

Cutie Pa Tutus

Would you like to win a Cutie Pa Tutus? They are so cute! There are all kinds of tutus there. Lots of different colors. You have the chance to win 1 of your choice. Go to Baby Makin Machine and enter now. You have until October 14th. H

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Think She's Waiting

Yes, I think Charlotte is waiting. On purpose. You know, for next week. When S and Mr. Blue Eyes are in town for work. When my bestie is here to perform. I think Charlotte knows that they're all coming. And she doesn't want to come until everyone is here. To be here when she is born.

To be honest, I'd be comfortable with that too! I'd love to have S in the delivery room with me. Because he's been my main coach. S has gone with me to all of my classes. He's been amazing. I know he would be a great coach. But he's working. He has a job that he can't get away from. But next week, he'd be here. In town.

And I would really LOVE to have my bestie with me. She works in L&D. And has delivered babies. I'd love for her to be here with me. To help me with my labor and delivery. To be a coach. And to give me advice during my labor. Wouldn't it be neat to have Charlotte's Godparents here for her birth? To have them hear her 1st cries. And to see her during her first few moments of life.

Is that selfish of me? To want my friends here. I have no family here. I have a few casual friends here. But no one that I'm close to. I don't want to be alone on this important day. I want for my little girl to come into the world, surrounded by all the people that love her. The people that she's going to grow to love too. Maybe we're both just waiting until next week. H

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mixed Emotions

I know I've been really emotional this week. Well, for the last few weeks. But watching this video, it made me both very sad and very happy.

Sad for Charlotte. Because she won't get to have these precious moments, with her Daddy. Chris is amazing with Chloe. I just wish T would feel this way about Charlotte. She won't get to feel the love from her Daddy. And to spend that much needed Daughter-Daddy time together. I know it's hard. Because that's how I grew up.

But this video also makes me happy and excited. Just watching Chloe makes me excited. Excited to watch my little girl grow! I can't wait to play with her. To watch her sucking her thumb. Or even just watching her sleep. I'm so excited for Charlotte to be here.

Although there are so many other things going on, it's the love for my daughter that has me going. Knowing that in a few days, I will have her to hold and love, it makes all of this worth it! All of it. Not sleep. All the discomforts of pregnancy. The stress with T and our divorce. My Baby Girl makes it all worth while! Now all I have to do, is what for her to be ready. I LOVE you Charlotte! H