Saturday, October 2, 2010

Excited for Mommyhood

I just LOVE this video of Lilia! She is so cute. And I love the interaction with her and her parents. They all look so happy. She just lights up around her daddy. That is what kills me when I watch this video. Because all I can think of is, my daughter is not going to have that same relationship with her daddy. And that saddens me.

But just watching this video has made me excited. And so anxious! I can't wait to meet my daughter! To see her grow and change. To be able to hear her life. Or see her smile when she sees me. Oh, I'm so anxious to meet my little Charlotte. :)

Just watching Lilia play in her bath, that melted my heart. I can just imagine sharing that time with Charlotte. I can't wait until we can sit there and play. And we can make each other laugh. How exciting! I'm ready to be a mommy. I'm just waiting for my little girl to be born! H

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