Sunday, October 10, 2010

Imogens Garden Dolls

I'm just in LOVE with these little dolls. They're actually not little. But a nice sized doll. But they are a bit expensive. $150 a doll. But they're all handmade!

Look at this little face! So much detail!

Oh my goodness, they are so adorable!

You can have them customize them anyway you'd like! With a specific color of hair, eyes, and little dress!

Yup, I want to get one for Charlotte. But I've been resisting the urge to order one. Because I want to get her a doll, that somewhat looks like her. So maybe when she is a few weeks old, I'll order one. I'm betting that my daughter is going to be blond and either have green or blue eyes. I'm just saying...

Anyway, you can get these dolls at Imogens Garden. They also having smaller dolls that are less expensive. She also sells legwarmers. But these dolls, they're my favorite! H

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