Wednesday, October 6, 2010

I Think She's Waiting

Yes, I think Charlotte is waiting. On purpose. You know, for next week. When S and Mr. Blue Eyes are in town for work. When my bestie is here to perform. I think Charlotte knows that they're all coming. And she doesn't want to come until everyone is here. To be here when she is born.

To be honest, I'd be comfortable with that too! I'd love to have S in the delivery room with me. Because he's been my main coach. S has gone with me to all of my classes. He's been amazing. I know he would be a great coach. But he's working. He has a job that he can't get away from. But next week, he'd be here. In town.

And I would really LOVE to have my bestie with me. She works in L&D. And has delivered babies. I'd love for her to be here with me. To help me with my labor and delivery. To be a coach. And to give me advice during my labor. Wouldn't it be neat to have Charlotte's Godparents here for her birth? To have them hear her 1st cries. And to see her during her first few moments of life.

Is that selfish of me? To want my friends here. I have no family here. I have a few casual friends here. But no one that I'm close to. I don't want to be alone on this important day. I want for my little girl to come into the world, surrounded by all the people that love her. The people that she's going to grow to love too. Maybe we're both just waiting until next week. H

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