Friday, October 1, 2010

40 Weeks

•Baby Girl, much of your vernix has vanished. But when you are born, there will still be a little bit on your body.
•15% of your body is fat. You haven't learned how to shiver yet. These fat stores will help regulate your temperature. So the fat is good.
•Between 60-75% of your body is water!
•Your chest is going to stick out a little bit. Almost as if you're ready to strut proudly, over your accomplishment of being born!
•Baby Girl your lungs will continue developing until birth. They are manufacturing large quantities of surfactant, which works to keep your air sacs open. This is good. It will help you breathe.
•You continue to grow. Your hair and nails are longer too. When you are born, we are going to need to trim those fingernails and put on your little mittens. We want to protect your precious face from scratches. I think I'm going to need some help there. But we'll get it done.
•You will have small breast buds when you are born. That is normal.
•Baby Girl, you now weigh 7.6lbs and are 20.2 in long.
•Any day now, I will be cradling you Charlotte! We will cherish these moments, and I learn all that I can about you. I'm so excited to meet you and love you. I hear that you will grow up so fast, and time will just fly by!

Charlotte, you are amazing! I got to see you today. And you look absolutely amazing. I can't wait to hold you! It's still hard to sleep. And to eat. Breathing is easier. But it's all OK. Because I know that this discomfort, only makes things for you easier. And a healthy Baby Girl is all I want!

We're "not at all ready." At least that is what my doctor tells me. We're looking at another week or 2 of pregnancy. And I got "The List" of things to do. You know, to help with labor. Contractions are hit and miss. Some days, I have really strong ones. And then, I go a few days without one. Ugh! My progress has almost stopped too. I was doing good a few weeks ago. You know all the "thinning" and "dilation."

I'm walking a lot too. Trying anything really. I figure if I exhaust myself, I can sleep better at night. Oh, and it's supposed to help Charlotte and our labor. I really hope that it helps. Because I'm ready to meet my Little Girl! But if she needs to stay comfy for another week or 2, I'm happy with that too! H

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