Thursday, August 12, 2010

Too Many Tomatoes???

Can you have too many tomatoes? I think so. Scratch that. I don't think, I know so! I planted way too many plants this year. Because I wasn't sure what I was doing. I bought a pack of each kind of tomato that I found. And a big pot for each. Then I planted a pack of seeds in each pot.

Um, can you see where I went wrong? Ya. Too many plants in a pot. Lead me to go buy more pots. Then, I had too many plants. Now I have tomatoes coming out every which direction! I'm giving them to everyone that comes around!

But they are delicious. And if I knew anything about cooking, well I'd freeze or can them. But I don't. So I'm enjoying them fresh from the garden. Baby girl seems to enjoy them too! That's a good thing. Because we have tons! And we'll probably be eating them for the remainder of this pregnancy. Now I know. Next year, I'll only plant a few seeds. :) H

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