Sunday, August 29, 2010

Quints by Surprise

Have you seen this show? It's amazing! These parents are amazing. I just can't imaging raising 5 kids at once. Wow! But I feel like they're doing a great job. The Joneses are a lot more normal than the other "Multiples' Parents."

I really enjoy this show. The kids are adorable. The big sister, Eliot is super cute too. The family just seems to be so normal. You know, besides having 5 babies running around. But this is a great family. And I hope that this family is able to stay in one piece. They're super sweet. Here's a clip of the family. You should really check out this show. H

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Simply Adorable!

Earlier this week, Uncle S showed up to my house, with a big 'ol bag of clothes for Charlotte. Yes, he did! All kinds of cute things. Something tells me, he bought out the little girls' department at Old Navy. :)

But this is my favorite dress!!! Isn't it adorable? I think so. And I want to take Charlotte's picture in it. I just can't wait! But I wanted to find some cute shoes to go with the dress. :)

And I found these! Aren't they adorable? I just love them! They match the pink in the dress exactly! And those little bows. Aren't they precious?

Yes, I went to Old Navy today. Why? I'm not sure. My little girl officially has 4X's as much clothing as I do! But I found a lot of cute things. These shoes are my favorites! And they we're under $10! I couldn't pass them up.

Ya, Charlotte got way more than that from her Uncle S. And I bought a heck of a lot more than just these today. But these are definitely my favorites! Now, I just need to sit and be patient. Charlotte needs to finish "cooking." And then, we will take loads of pictures in all of her cute clothes! H

Friday, August 27, 2010


I've had this ridiculous craving for pears this past week. As in, I've eaten at least 12 in about a week! Uncle S brought us a HUGE case! He feels like I need to take care of myself. And part of that is eating what I crave, when I crave it. Made me laugh!

But they are delicious! Since last night, I've had 3. Is this weird? Am I weird? Whatever the case may be, these pears are delicious! And I've never been a big fruit and veggie eater. So that tells you a lot! I mean A LOT!

I asked my doctor about it. She said it was more than OK. Because, well, you know. It's good for me and my baby girl. Just not good if I eat an entire pound in a sitting...or even a day. But I guess there are worst cravings out there. H

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Mexican Chicken

I just watched this video. And this chicken dinner looks so yummy! It reminds me of the food from my hometown. I really want to make this recipe. It looks super easy. And well, I need that. Because I'm not a good cook. And cooking chicken, it scares me. I once made me and T really sick. Because I don't think the chicken was all the way cooked.

I'm going to have to go to the grocery store tomorrow, after church. And I'm definitely going to make this. I'm so hungry! But tonight's dinner is already in the Crock Pot. I just can't believe how easy this looks to make. Yum! H

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Too Many Tomatoes???

Can you have too many tomatoes? I think so. Scratch that. I don't think, I know so! I planted way too many plants this year. Because I wasn't sure what I was doing. I bought a pack of each kind of tomato that I found. And a big pot for each. Then I planted a pack of seeds in each pot.

Um, can you see where I went wrong? Ya. Too many plants in a pot. Lead me to go buy more pots. Then, I had too many plants. Now I have tomatoes coming out every which direction! I'm giving them to everyone that comes around!

But they are delicious. And if I knew anything about cooking, well I'd freeze or can them. But I don't. So I'm enjoying them fresh from the garden. Baby girl seems to enjoy them too! That's a good thing. Because we have tons! And we'll probably be eating them for the remainder of this pregnancy. Now I know. Next year, I'll only plant a few seeds. :) H

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Charm Bracelets

So cute! I want one of these bracelets. I've always wanted a charm bracelet. I'm considering buying myself one of these beauties. Because they're just beautiful!

I just feel like charm bracelets tell such a great story! You can add charms that mean something to you in your life. Like a ring for your wedding. Or baby booties for a new baby. A little house, car, or something like that on a big day.

I've always wanted a charm bracelet. They tell such great stories. And they're beautiful! I've looked around at Charm Factory. And I'm really tempted. But I'm going to wait until after my little girl is born. That way I can pick out some meaningful charms, to represent our life at this point. H