Monday, April 12, 2010

Rock-A-Bye Glider and Ottoman

I bit the bullet. And I ordered my Glider and Ottoman. The 2 together were under $550. And they were worth every penny! Oh my goodness! They are comfortable. I've secretly considered buying 2 of these chairs, but the cream ones, for my living room. :)

Don't tell me that this chair doesn't look comfy. In real life, I fell asleep in it, on the day it was delivered. :)

And a comfy ottoman, for those late nights of breastfeeding. :)

Yes, after looking and looking, I ordered this set from Babies 'R Us. I feel like it was a really good deal. Like I said, it's super comfy. It's firm and supportive, but really comfy. And I decided on the green, because it matches all 4 of the bedding sets, that I've been thinking about. Every set has green in it. So I think this will go really well. Now I just can't wait to rock my baby to sleep. H

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