Friday, April 30, 2010

Garden Set Giveaway

There is this cute new blog that I stumbled on, Newly Wife. I was searching for strawberry recipes, and there was Newly Wife. Oh, I could have used this blog a year ago! But it really is a good blog for anyone. Married or not. I really like all the recipes. You know, I'm trying to make an effort to learn how to cook. I don't want my baby growing up on frozen food and McDonald's like me. But it's a struggle. I like how they focus on one fruit or veggie a month. That helps. Because I hate grocery shopping more than I hate cooking!

But they're having a giveaway for this Garden Set. It has seeds, little soil things to start the seeds, and an apron. I didn't know that they had gardening aprons. See, I'm learning from Newly Wife. It's really a good blog! If you want a chance to win, enter here. Hurry up! you only have until midnight. H

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