Monday, June 14, 2010


I honestly hadn't thought of a bassinet. I mean, I had looked at them. But they didn't seem practical. I never thought that I'd be buying one. Or that we'd really need one. I figured Charlotte could sleep with me until she was a few months old. Then, she could sleep in her crib.

I got a Moses basket from a friend. And I thought that would be nice to use in the 1st few weeks. You know, while we maybe sat in the living room for a few minutes. But a bassinet, or a co-sleeper, I never thought about it.

But S came over today. He had this beautiful bassinet with him. Isn't it gorgeous? It's a co-sleeper too.

That "missing side" is like that, so it can fit against your bed.

And if you want to use it as bassinet, you can put up the sides.

It's absolutely beautiful! S immediately got it together. And put it next to my bed. Something about it, made me feel like this entire pregnancy was real. Like this little bassinet, really made my baby girl real. :)

I just keep looking at it. It's right here on my side. I'm in bed right now. And I can't help but smile. In about 3 1/2 months, I'll have my little girl. Right here, sleeping next to me. It's so exciting! H

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