Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We Have a Daycare :)

I'm so excited! I found a Daycare. The perfect place. Literally, it's down the road from my job. Which is great! Since I'm going to be breastfeeding. That means I can spend my lunch breaks with my little girl. Feeding her. :)

And the people at the Daycare are amazing! So sweet. And really good with the kids. There are only 2 babies to 1 care giver. I think that is incredible. The Daycare is super clean. And honestly, it's a beautiful place. I feel really comfortable with having Charlotte there.

And I completely lucked out. Because a few days before I went to look into this Daycare, a family with 3 kids, moved. It just happened that I went for a tour on their last day. And the owner was there. She was beyond thrilled that I work down the road. And that I want to breastfeed and cloth diaper.

2 days later, I got the call. That we had gotten in! I'm really excited. And it's not one of those crazy, overly expensive places. But it's clean. Really clean. I think this is going to be so good for Charlotte. Hopefully when she starts preschool and kindergarten it will be as smooth. We're on waiting lists for both. Yes, it's that crazy here! H

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