Saturday, February 6, 2010

I'm Pregnant...

Well, I'm a little overwhelmed. But I'm very excited! Pregnant? Wow! I never seen that coming! But well, we didn't plan my last pregnancy either. I guess, the pill doesn't work for me. I wanted to talk to T before things got too crazy with his job. But the first event is today.

I called my doctor. And I'm not sure when I'm going to get an appointment with her. Because I left a message. Being that we were in the middle of a snow storm. And I found out I was pregnant after 5pm on a Friday.

But I'm hoping for good news. I think our Baby Honeybee can be a blessing for us. Our baby just might be the one blessing that T and I need to get back on track. And I've decided to start this blog to have a place to share all about our baby. To get my feelings and thoughts out. Every week I'm going to post a letter to our Baby Honeybee and a little update our our baby's growth. H

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