Saturday, February 13, 2010

Oh the Rumors

You see, my husband has a rather public job. Lots of people know him. Or at least know of him. When we got married last year, let's just say, we ended up paying thousands and thousands of dollars to keep it under the radar. We had to pay off 3 magazines not to run stories. And we almost sued our photographer for trying to sell pictures. The crazy thing is, we're not famous!

But I've been hearing rumors lately. Rumors of another baby. One that is a lot more ready to meet the world then my baby. I'm not sure what to think. Would T do this to me? I know we've been separated since June. Working out issues from my miscarriage. I know we legally separated by the end of the summer. But really? I mean, we're still married.

It just leaves me wondering. I'm not sure if I should believe the rumors or not. What makes it worse, he doesn't seem to be denying them from what I can see. I mean, it's online. If he paid to keep our wedding pictures out of the press, don't you think he would be threatening legal action? I'm just wondering here...

I'm here working. And I can't even concentrate on that. My boss, well he had a tough day today. But all I can think about is T and this other baby. It makes me sad. Mostly because T still doesn't know about our baby. He just doesn't give me the chance to tell him. H

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