Monday, February 8, 2010

Ice Cream Makes It All Better

The last few days have been tough. I've cried. I've been so excited! And also so sad. This isn't how this was supposed to be. But it's the way my life is going. And I've felt so sick! The constant rain really reflected how I was feeling too!

In my hour of need, a good friend came to check on me. S has just been here for me. And I know he'll be here for my little Honeybee. I just need to be honest. Well, I NEED to tell T first. Then I can tell other people. Like my bestie, my boss, and S.

I know I've been really out of it lately. Sick and exhausted. Now I know why. It's been 3 days since I got a positive pregnancy test. And it's good news. But I'm scared. What is T going to do? Or think. I mean, we never really worked through all of our problems. Now we're expecting a baby.

But my friend came to see me. We ended up going out for some Rocky Road ice cream. :) I really needed that! And I honestly felt better. Funny how ice cream can do that to a gal! But it felt good just to get out and laugh for a little while. Things have been so stressful around here. And everywhere I go, I see T. Even if we're not really talking. Because we work for the same company.

It's tough. But the ice cream and the company really did cheer me up! Is that weird? I know. It doesn't make up for me and T not talking. But I really needed a few hours of happiness. And lots of laughter! Like I said, ice cream just seems to cure so much! So does a few hours of good, hard laughing. :) H

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