Friday, February 12, 2010

7 Weeks

• Baby you now have elbows. And I hear that you really enjoying bending and flexing in there.
• Your little fingers are starting to develop. Soon you’ll be play with and sucking on all your little fingers. :)
• Your feet are starting to develop too! And the beginnings of your toes are appearing too! Your little feet are less than a half an inch long!
• Your ears, eyes, and nose are starting to appear too! From what I’m reading, you sorta look like an alien. But I still love you! In a few weeks, you’ll start to look more like your Daddy and Mommy!
• Baby your intestines are starting to form in the umbilical cord. I didn’t know that they started outside your body!
• This week your teeth begin to develop under your gums too! I’m just glad I won’t be feeling that!

This week, I've been feeling really sick. I can't eat anything. Everything makes me feel so sick! Even the thought of food! But I've been talking to some friends about how to handle this. So I'm trying to stay hydrated. And I've been napping a lot! I hope this isn't the way my entire pregnancy is going to be. I really miss eating! And feeling human. H

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