Friday, May 14, 2010

20 Weeks

• Baby Girl, we’re half way there!
• Our doctor says that the “rapid growth stage” is almost over. But your next stage of growth is vital to survival.
• Baby Girl your heart is growing stronger. Our doctor had me do something today at our doctor’s appointment. We lay quietly, in the room, I was laying flat on my back. I was able to find my own heartbeat/pulse. Then I laid my hand on my belly. I could feel the 2 different heartbeats. It was really amazing!
• Your little legs are reaching their relative size. Your muscle development is getting stronger too! I’ve noticed that the “flutters” are feeling stronger. More like a real kick!
• My “immunities” are making their way to you. That way, you’ll be protected from sickness until you’re at least 6 months old!
• Your little nerve cells for taste, smell, hearing, seeing, and touch are now developing.
• You’re starting to react more to loud noise. Almost like you’re scared. At work, there was a loud crash this week, I swear you kicked me! But my doctor keeps tell me to play music for you, to read to you, and to talk to you. She says, these will be soothing sounds after you’re born. W is helping out with that too! He’s been sniffing around my belly, and making silly noises. Like he’s talking to you. Yes, you and W will be pals! He’s a good dog.
• Baby Girl, your uterus is also starting to develop. I learned that you have almost 6 million eggs in your ovaries. Only about 1 million will still be there when you’re born.
• This week, Baby girl you are about 6.46 inches long and weigh about 10.58 ounces

This week, well I'm starting to feel really fat. But it's a good thing. Baby Girl is getting bigger and stronger. I'm definitely growing out of all of my clothes. There are now clothes that I can definitely can't wear anymore. I guess I'm going to have to go shopping. :)

I've been napping a lot this week too! 3 times this week, I've fallen asleep early. Really early. But I've noticed that your "kicks" are getting a lot stronger. The feel more like a kick. Before, it was more like a flutter. Like butterflies in my tummy! H

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