Friday, May 28, 2010

Week 22: Friends

Dear Honeybee,

We've had a crazy week this week. It's been an emotional one! Your Daddy took your big sister to a work event, earlier this week. And he showed her off. She is a doll! And now, I can kinda see what you're going to look like. Your Daddy seems very happy and proud. And he looks like he is a good Daddy. I can only pray that he will be a good Daddy to you too!

Your "Nana" and "Nono" have been really good to us this week. So has Uncle S. They've really made sure to keep your Mommy busy. Your Nana is a great performer! I really understand now why Uncle S gave her the nickname "Nightingale." But we've been watching her perform all week!

Last weekend was really busy. Soon you will find out all about that circus. But it's fun. And I'm sure, you're going to be right there with everyone! Uncle S told me that he's excited to take you out and some fun. I think he's got ice cream on the mind. You know him! :) We took it easy earlier this week. And your Nono took a bunch of us to the Lake. The boat didn't agree with us. So your Nana hung out with us at the house. We sat on the beach talking and snacking on fruit.

But the really fun things that happened this week, have to do with your nursery. Uncle S had someone go paint it for us. He figured since we are here, it was the best time. Your Nana helped me pick the color. She's really good at these things. Your room is now a soft lavender color. It's so pretty! Your Nana, Nono, W, and I stopped by to take a look.

But this week has been more about friends. You'll learn one day, just how important it is to have good friends. It's been a week since your Nana surprised us! And what a good surprise it was! For a week, we've stayed at your Nono's house. Enjoying all the yummy foods that your Nana makes. I know you're enjoying that! And praying. Praying that we're going to be OK. That your Daddy will be a better Daddy than my Dad ever was. Praying that your Nana and Nono see what's in front of them. I really think they would make a good couple! And they could have a few blue eyed babies to play with you! ;)

That's been our week. I know your hearing better. So I hope you don't all of us reading to you. Or the wonderful music we've gotten to listen to this week. It's been fun! I'm sitting here staring at the pictures we got of you today. Everything looks so clear! I just love looking at your little face and hands!

Your Mommy

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