Monday, May 17, 2010


Do you remember when I was debating about what bedding to buy Charlotte? Well, I picked the Butterfly Kisses. I really liked how it wasn't too "baby-ish," and could grow with Charlotte. Similar to the furniture.

But S had a different idea. He came over tonight. HUGE boxes with him. Loaded with the Zola Collection. :) Yes, Charlotte now has 2 sets of bedding. With all the accessories!!! So here is what Charlotte got from her Uncle S.

Here is the Zola Collection. I actually bought a rug similar to that one last week. :)

A cute tiger!

A little elephant.

And this cute giraffe!

This adorable mobile. Don't you just love the little animals?

And S bought us 2 lamps. So cute!

He also got us 3 of these adorable elephants to hang on the wall. :)

Charlotte got 3 of these little blankets. Isn't this tiger so cute?

And 6, of these tin containers. They match the pails that I bought.

We got 4 curtains. Again, I have the long sheers to match.

And 6, yes 6, sheets! I LOVE the little animals. :)

A diaper holder. That monkey is just too cute!

We got 3 rugs too! Aren't they cute?

And this adorable Monkey Nap Mat. I'll probably just save it for Charlotte to use for school.

Can you tell that Charlotte is already spoiled? Spoiled rotten! S is so incredibly kind to us. We're very, very lucky! He's also hired painters, to come paint the nursery next week. When I'm gone. And my bestie will be here to help me start putting Charlotte's nursery together.

I'm glad that the 2 bedding sets are similar in color. I think everything is going to go well. I had already bought some lamps. And a big rug. It matches both bedding sets. And I'm really excited! I really can't wait for my bestie to come. Because she is really good at decorating rooms. I just can't wait to see the nursery complete! H

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