Thursday, May 20, 2010

Moses Basket

Mr. Blue Eye's Mom bought me a Mother's Day present. Isn't that so sweet? I seen her this morning. A beautiful gold heart necklace. On the back it's engraved Charlotte's Mommy '10. On the front, it has another heart outlined, with 2 diamonds inside. I cried. I literally cried when she gave it to me. And she "Welcomed" me into the "Mommy hood." So sweet! I wish I had a camera to share it with you!

She also got Charlotte this Moses Basket. She said it was a must! I think it's beautiful. And just perfect. You can remove the mattress thing and all the fabric for easy washing. It's absolutely perfect. I love the print too!

Thank you so much Mrs. J! That was so sweet of you. I really miss working with you. And seeing you everyday. I hope we get to spend more time together. Because I really do miss you! H

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