Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wearing Ruffles?

I found out this morning that I'm going to a pretty big event tomorrow. It's important. And dressy. If there's anything you should know about me, I wear t shirts and jeans all the time. For my last job, I had to wear polos and khakis 2-3 days a week. And "Business Attire" the rest of the time. It was a good thing that my boss' mom and sister gave me a makeover. Because I didn't know where to look for these clothes. I still can't put my eyeliner on. I miss Lady J!

My new job requires "Business Attire." But what I've learned is that as long as you look nice, they really don't care. I work for a big insurance agency. But all those clothes are at home. 2 hours away. And most, aren't fitting anymore. My belly is all of a sudden popping out.

My bestie and I made a quick run to Target, before she had to work this morning. We found this dress. I really do love it! It's blue. My favorite color. :) It's made out of polyester. But looks much nicer. And it has some stretch to it. Oh, and ruffles. I'm not usually a ruffles kind of woman, but I like these. They go all the way around the neckline. The price was good too, $25. I bought it. When checked online, there are a few different colors. And it says it's an online exclusive. But I found this dress in the store.

That was it, we ran in and I bought it. Then we were off again. I think I'll wear this dress with some kinda dressy sandals that I have. My bestie is going to lend me a clutch and some bracelets. I just learned that's a small bag with no straps. And I have some nice earrings.

I think it will be dressy enough. Especially after seeing what some of the other ladies are wearing. My bestie will be much more dressed up than me. But she has a bunch of clothes to choose from. And she needs to be more dressed up. There you go, my dressed up, maternity outfit. H

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