Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Day Dress

I went to lunch with C, my sister in law. That was yesterday. And we decided to go to Old Navy. C wanted to buy some of those t shirts that are on sale. I good deal. But not much available in maternity. I did buy 2 though. But I saw this dress. Actually, the blue one is the one that I saw. But I just bought a blue dress. So I picked up the red one. To wear Monday to the BBQ,

I like this dress because it's made out of cotton material. And I can wash it. After talking to my bestie's stylist, she gave me lots of ideas. I can dress it up or down, with stuff that I have at home. And it was only $26.50. I'm so excited! I'm probably going to wear some flip flops on Monday with this. And maybe some gold jewelry. H

Friday, May 28, 2010

Week 22: Friends

Dear Honeybee,

We've had a crazy week this week. It's been an emotional one! Your Daddy took your big sister to a work event, earlier this week. And he showed her off. She is a doll! And now, I can kinda see what you're going to look like. Your Daddy seems very happy and proud. And he looks like he is a good Daddy. I can only pray that he will be a good Daddy to you too!

Your "Nana" and "Nono" have been really good to us this week. So has Uncle S. They've really made sure to keep your Mommy busy. Your Nana is a great performer! I really understand now why Uncle S gave her the nickname "Nightingale." But we've been watching her perform all week!

Last weekend was really busy. Soon you will find out all about that circus. But it's fun. And I'm sure, you're going to be right there with everyone! Uncle S told me that he's excited to take you out and some fun. I think he's got ice cream on the mind. You know him! :) We took it easy earlier this week. And your Nono took a bunch of us to the Lake. The boat didn't agree with us. So your Nana hung out with us at the house. We sat on the beach talking and snacking on fruit.

But the really fun things that happened this week, have to do with your nursery. Uncle S had someone go paint it for us. He figured since we are here, it was the best time. Your Nana helped me pick the color. She's really good at these things. Your room is now a soft lavender color. It's so pretty! Your Nana, Nono, W, and I stopped by to take a look.

But this week has been more about friends. You'll learn one day, just how important it is to have good friends. It's been a week since your Nana surprised us! And what a good surprise it was! For a week, we've stayed at your Nono's house. Enjoying all the yummy foods that your Nana makes. I know you're enjoying that! And praying. Praying that we're going to be OK. That your Daddy will be a better Daddy than my Dad ever was. Praying that your Nana and Nono see what's in front of them. I really think they would make a good couple! And they could have a few blue eyed babies to play with you! ;)

That's been our week. I know your hearing better. So I hope you don't all of us reading to you. Or the wonderful music we've gotten to listen to this week. It's been fun! I'm sitting here staring at the pictures we got of you today. Everything looks so clear! I just love looking at your little face and hands!

Your Mommy

22 Weeks

• Baby girl you weigh about a pound!
• My doctor says that you can hear me talking more clearly. She tells me, it’s good that I read to you. You can really hear me and understand me!
• You have “real” eyelids and eyebrows now. I bet they’re blond like mine. :)
• Your fingernails have grown to your fingers.
• Your “Nana” tells me to start getting ready for all your questions. Because your brain is growing quickly! I can’t wait to hear all you’ve got to say!
• And this week, your liver is starting to work. The doctor says it’s a good thing.
• Baby girl, you’re about 11 inches long now. And I can’t believe you’re only 1 pound!

The biggest thing I've noticed this week, well besides my growing tummy, is all the movement. I just love feeling my baby girl moving around in there! It still amazes me every single day that I'm going to be a mom. Oh, and my current cravings are all about fruit, ice cream, and french fries! Let's not talk about the crying. Because I've been doing a lot of that lately too! H

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Much Love Illy Giveaway

This mommy-to-be could use a little love. And something fun. It's been a tough week around here. There is a wonderful giveaway going on at Cakies. You can win a headband, hair pin, and a ring from this shop. Everything is fun! And reminds me of summer! Hurry and enter. H

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wearing Ruffles?

I found out this morning that I'm going to a pretty big event tomorrow. It's important. And dressy. If there's anything you should know about me, I wear t shirts and jeans all the time. For my last job, I had to wear polos and khakis 2-3 days a week. And "Business Attire" the rest of the time. It was a good thing that my boss' mom and sister gave me a makeover. Because I didn't know where to look for these clothes. I still can't put my eyeliner on. I miss Lady J!

My new job requires "Business Attire." But what I've learned is that as long as you look nice, they really don't care. I work for a big insurance agency. But all those clothes are at home. 2 hours away. And most, aren't fitting anymore. My belly is all of a sudden popping out.

My bestie and I made a quick run to Target, before she had to work this morning. We found this dress. I really do love it! It's blue. My favorite color. :) It's made out of polyester. But looks much nicer. And it has some stretch to it. Oh, and ruffles. I'm not usually a ruffles kind of woman, but I like these. They go all the way around the neckline. The price was good too, $25. I bought it. When checked online, there are a few different colors. And it says it's an online exclusive. But I found this dress in the store.

That was it, we ran in and I bought it. Then we were off again. I think I'll wear this dress with some kinda dressy sandals that I have. My bestie is going to lend me a clutch and some bracelets. I just learned that's a small bag with no straps. And I have some nice earrings.

I think it will be dressy enough. Especially after seeing what some of the other ladies are wearing. My bestie will be much more dressed up than me. But she has a bunch of clothes to choose from. And she needs to be more dressed up. There you go, my dressed up, maternity outfit. H

Friday, May 21, 2010

21 Weeks

• Baby girl, your white blood cells are now being made. It’s a very good thing! They will help fight infections and diseases.
• Your skin has changed from being almost see through to more opaque. Like regular skin.
• My doctor says that your tongue is fully formed. She sad that you are probably practicing to give me a raspberry!
• It’s been a big week for you little girl! Your womb and vagina are formed. It’s pretty official that you’re a little girl. At this point will have 6 million eggs, it will go down to about 1 million by the time you are born. Believe me, that’s going to be more than enough!
• Baby girl you are swallowing more this week. When you “drink” in the amniotic fluid, your body absorbs the water in the liquid and moves the rest into the large bowel. This is good practice for his digestive system! Your “Nana” tells me that this is really good! And I believe her. Because she takes care of all kinds of mommies and babies. :)
• You’re learning more about sleeping patterns. I hope this is a good thing! You wake up when I get to work and sleep more when we are at home. It’s starting to become a good pattern. My doctor is telling me that you’re setting your “internal” clock. Mostly because of my eating and sleeping.
• Your length is now measured from the crown of your head to your heel.
• And this week, you should be about 10.51 inches long and weigh almost 12.7 ounces. Not even a pound yet!

This week, I've been really tired. I just get tired doing simple things. And by the time work is over, I'm ready to go home and take a nap! I've begun to notice how my Baby Girl wakes up when I get to work. I can definitely feel the movement. And it's a pretty neat feeling! W and I have been spending our evenings outside. Just enjoying the weather. I notice that my Baby Girl settles down a lot. This is usually when I have long talks with my Baby Girl. The doctor tells me, this is probably when she's sleeping. H

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Moses Basket

Mr. Blue Eye's Mom bought me a Mother's Day present. Isn't that so sweet? I seen her this morning. A beautiful gold heart necklace. On the back it's engraved Charlotte's Mommy '10. On the front, it has another heart outlined, with 2 diamonds inside. I cried. I literally cried when she gave it to me. And she "Welcomed" me into the "Mommy hood." So sweet! I wish I had a camera to share it with you!

She also got Charlotte this Moses Basket. She said it was a must! I think it's beautiful. And just perfect. You can remove the mattress thing and all the fabric for easy washing. It's absolutely perfect. I love the print too!

Thank you so much Mrs. J! That was so sweet of you. I really miss working with you. And seeing you everyday. I hope we get to spend more time together. Because I really do miss you! H

Wednesday, May 19, 2010


I want to send lots of positive thoughts and a big Congratulations to T and his new baby girl. A friend called me to let me know. The precious baby girl was born today. I'm really happy for T. I'm very glad that the new little one is healthy. I know that the last year has not gone as planned. But these 2 little girls shouldn't have to suffer for the horrible decisions that their parents have made. I just hope on day, these 2 little girls can be friends and happy sisters. They be less than 5 months apart, I hope that they have a close relationship! Bless both little girls. H

Monday, May 17, 2010


Do you remember when I was debating about what bedding to buy Charlotte? Well, I picked the Butterfly Kisses. I really liked how it wasn't too "baby-ish," and could grow with Charlotte. Similar to the furniture.

But S had a different idea. He came over tonight. HUGE boxes with him. Loaded with the Zola Collection. :) Yes, Charlotte now has 2 sets of bedding. With all the accessories!!! So here is what Charlotte got from her Uncle S.

Here is the Zola Collection. I actually bought a rug similar to that one last week. :)

A cute tiger!

A little elephant.

And this cute giraffe!

This adorable mobile. Don't you just love the little animals?

And S bought us 2 lamps. So cute!

He also got us 3 of these adorable elephants to hang on the wall. :)

Charlotte got 3 of these little blankets. Isn't this tiger so cute?

And 6, of these tin containers. They match the pails that I bought.

We got 4 curtains. Again, I have the long sheers to match.

And 6, yes 6, sheets! I LOVE the little animals. :)

A diaper holder. That monkey is just too cute!

We got 3 rugs too! Aren't they cute?

And this adorable Monkey Nap Mat. I'll probably just save it for Charlotte to use for school.

Can you tell that Charlotte is already spoiled? Spoiled rotten! S is so incredibly kind to us. We're very, very lucky! He's also hired painters, to come paint the nursery next week. When I'm gone. And my bestie will be here to help me start putting Charlotte's nursery together.

I'm glad that the 2 bedding sets are similar in color. I think everything is going to go well. I had already bought some lamps. And a big rug. It matches both bedding sets. And I'm really excited! I really can't wait for my bestie to come. Because she is really good at decorating rooms. I just can't wait to see the nursery complete! H

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Bunting Pillow Giveaway

Isn't this a cute pillow? I just love it! There is a giveaway going on here for this pillow. Hurry up and enter. You know you want this for your kids' bedroom! I know I want it for my baby's nursery. H

Friday, May 14, 2010

20 Weeks

• Baby Girl, we’re half way there!
• Our doctor says that the “rapid growth stage” is almost over. But your next stage of growth is vital to survival.
• Baby Girl your heart is growing stronger. Our doctor had me do something today at our doctor’s appointment. We lay quietly, in the room, I was laying flat on my back. I was able to find my own heartbeat/pulse. Then I laid my hand on my belly. I could feel the 2 different heartbeats. It was really amazing!
• Your little legs are reaching their relative size. Your muscle development is getting stronger too! I’ve noticed that the “flutters” are feeling stronger. More like a real kick!
• My “immunities” are making their way to you. That way, you’ll be protected from sickness until you’re at least 6 months old!
• Your little nerve cells for taste, smell, hearing, seeing, and touch are now developing.
• You’re starting to react more to loud noise. Almost like you’re scared. At work, there was a loud crash this week, I swear you kicked me! But my doctor keeps tell me to play music for you, to read to you, and to talk to you. She says, these will be soothing sounds after you’re born. W is helping out with that too! He’s been sniffing around my belly, and making silly noises. Like he’s talking to you. Yes, you and W will be pals! He’s a good dog.
• Baby Girl, your uterus is also starting to develop. I learned that you have almost 6 million eggs in your ovaries. Only about 1 million will still be there when you’re born.
• This week, Baby girl you are about 6.46 inches long and weigh about 10.58 ounces

This week, well I'm starting to feel really fat. But it's a good thing. Baby Girl is getting bigger and stronger. I'm definitely growing out of all of my clothes. There are now clothes that I can definitely can't wear anymore. I guess I'm going to have to go shopping. :)

I've been napping a lot this week too! 3 times this week, I've fallen asleep early. Really early. But I've noticed that your "kicks" are getting a lot stronger. The feel more like a kick. Before, it was more like a flutter. Like butterflies in my tummy! H

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Butterfly Kisses

I finally made up my mind. And I ordered the Butterfly Kisses Bedding Set. :) I also bought lots of the extras. I know. I'm a sucker. But I just couldn't resist!

The wall hangings.

3 sets of these butterflies.

A frog humidifier. Never mind how cute it is! :)

9 of these buckets. I figure I can use them for all sorts of things.

The mobile. I'm sure Charlotte will love it!

4 of these curtains. I also bought some sheer curtains, from Target. The kind that cover the entire window.

I bought 4 sheets. I figured that they would come in handy. :)

I got 3 of these cute blankets.

And 3 of these blankets. :)

I know. It's a lot! But Charlotte is going to need it. So I figured I'd get everything right away. I really do love it all! And after talking to my bestie, I'm going to paint the walls lavender. I'm going to leave the trim and wainscoting white. I'm so excited to get everything together for Charlotte! H

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Butterflies or Jungle Animals

For months I've been looking at crib sets. After I found the furniture I wanted, I needed to find the bedding. And when I found out I was having a baby girl, I narrowed it down. To these two sets.

This is Butterfly Kisses. I just love all the yummy colors. And it's something I think my Baby Girl can use for years to come. It's not too pink. Maybe I can paint the walls yellow or lavender. I really like this set. It's $190 for 6 pieces. Of course, there are other pieces you can buy too! :)

And this is Zola. I like the bright colors and the little animals! It's so fun! This is definitely something that can grow with my daughter. :) And it's only $162 for 6 pieces. This set also has extra pieces to buy.

My bestie sent me the link to Baby SuperMall months ago. And I've been searching through the website for about 2 months! I've looked at Target, Wal-Mart, Babies-R-Us, and Bed, Bath, & Beyond. But I like this site for a lot of reasons. All the bedding sets grow with your baby. Just like the crib I bought. As my Baby Girl grows and her crib can change into a toddler bed, so can her bedding. I can even buy some extra pieces along the way. Now if I can just make up my mind. H

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Wonderful News

I'm going to be needing some of these cuties! Yes, I'm having a Baby Girl! I've known since my 16th Week appointment. But I only told a few people. Including my bestie! We're all so excited. I just had to share the news. Mother's Day just seemed to an appropriate time to share my good news. :)

Now if I could only find these booties. I found this picture doing a Google search. But can't find a place to buy them. I've already ordered my Baby Girl's bedding. And I've picked out a name for her. But now I want to go out and buy little dresses and shoes just like these! H

Baby Girl, Mommy can't wait to meet you!!!

Happy Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day! I've always felt like this was a very special day. Unfortunately, I never got to share that with my mom. She just wasn't that kind of mom. But my grandma taught me a lot about being a good person. And being a good mom. This is officially my 1st Mother's Day. At least that is what all my friends are telling me. My bestie even sent me a sweet gift. But for me, it's more about sharing love. I hope all the mom's have a wonderful day! H

Monday, May 3, 2010

Do I

When I first heard this song, I thought about T. We were once so in love. He was "The One." The only man I wanted to be with. The man I thought I'd grow old with. T was the one that knew it before I did. He begged me to move in with. To start traveling with him. I let him take the lead of our relationship. And I couldn't believe that this man loved me. And I mean really loved me. Thunder thighs and all!

I've never really felt that before. I never was really important to anyone. I mean my Grandma loves me. And my little brother. No one on earth has a better bestie than me! No one! But I've never felt really loved like I did with T. It was way beyond the physical stuff too. That was incredible. But it was more than that. It was just a feeling I had when I was with him. I felt safe, comfortable, and loved.

For the 1st time in my life, I felt like someone really cared. If I went missing, someone would notice. T made me feel special. He did things for me, that no other man had done. I've had boyfriends in the past. But this was different. And I really loved him.

Things between us, they started quickly. From the time we met, until we got married, was 7 months! But then they fell apart quickly too! We were happily married for a little more than 3 months. Before I knew it, I was sitting on the floor of our bedroom, crying my eyes out. Wondering what had happened.

This song, it explains so much. The 1st time I heard it, I cried. And every time it comes on the radio, I think about T. We worked together for months. Not talking. Just working. I don't know what happened. I don't know how he could love me so much, and hurt me so badly. But it happened. I still love him. I have a feeling that I'll always love him. But I know, for myself, and my baby...I need to move on.

I miss the days when we lived in the townhouse. We'd spend our free time ordering takeout and T trying to teach me how to play videos games. We'd play with W. We'd sit and talk. Talk about our crappy childhoods. And how badly we wanted our kids to have better lives than we did. We talked a lot! Laughing and enjoying each other. The slightest touch from T, would give me goosebumps all the way to my insides. I miss that. But I know, we've grown in different directions.

Every time I hear this song, I'll think of him. That much I know. Every time I feel our baby move, I think of him. But I'm moving on. I need to. Because I know he's moved on. No matter how much I wanted this to work, he's just not in the same place as I am. H

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Feeling Alone

I've been feeling really lonely and down lately. All the problems with T are starting to catch up with me. I miss my family. I miss my friends. Especially my bestie. I'm living in a new city. With all new people. Working at a new job. And when I come home at night, it's just me and W. I love my dog, but I miss the people I love.

But recently, when I'm feeling down...I notice something. I'm starting to feel my baby move around inside. I'm not sure if it's a kick. But I feel my little miracle. :) It makes me so excited! Like my baby is telling me, "Hey mom! I'm in here. You're not alone." I instantly cheer up!

I still can't believe that I'm already 18 weeks pregnant. I'm almost halfway there. And I just can't wait to hold my baby in my arms. I can't wait see the most precious little face. To get to count my baby's toes. To give my baby a kiss. I can't wait! And now, life is not just about me. It's about the 2 of us. About loving my baby so much, that I sacrifice things to make my baby's life better.

Thank you baby for moving around. You remind me that I'm not alone in life. That I have you. And that you are safe and healthy inside my belly. Every time you kick, I promise to rub my belly. You seem to enjoy that! H