Monday, September 13, 2010

Gifts for Me!

My bestie is amazing! Not only did she shower Charlotte with a ton of presents this weekend, she managed to throw us 2 Baby Showers. Yes, 2! We got some many amazing presents. All handmade, from my bestie. Charlotte's Nana (Godmother.)

But my bestie is so completely amazing! She also gave me some presents. Like this beautiful crochet shawl, that she made me. It's a beautiful mix of blues. My favorite color. And it's so incredibly soft! I already snuggled up in it last night. :)

My bestie also gave me this gift set. Lush's "The Art of Bathing." There are 11 different "Bath Bombs" and "Bubble Bars." They all smell amazing! And after a weekend jam packed with fun and adventure, I was so looking forward to an amazing bath last night. That's exactly what I got!

Thank you Bestie! You are amazing. If I haven't told you enough, we love you! And you are incredible. Thank you for traveling across the country, to see me all fat and pregnant. For being so excited at Charlotte's appointment on Friday. And for being an amazing friend. I had so much fun this weekend. And I'm already counting the days for you to return in October!

My best friend is leaving later today. And that makes me so sad. But we had such a great time. I need to find my camera so I can blog about our Baby Showers. We got so much stuff! And all the stuff that my bestie and her parents sent, is so amazing! Everything is so beautiful! And I can't wait for Charlotte to start using it all. :) H

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