Sunday, September 19, 2010

I Got Them!

I had these 3 items on my "Wishlist" for what seems like forever. I just love them! If I had thought about it, Charlotte's nursery would have been done in this fabric. But look at how cute everything is!

I really wanted a Diapee. I just think they're a good product. Something that can get a lot of use. :)

And this entire set. It just makes me so happy! A Wipee case, some burp clothes, and a changing pad. All so chic!

This is definitely a must have for a breastfeeding Mommy!

Well, part of our gifts from my bestie, they included all 3 of these items. But she made them. All out of hot pink and the black and white damask fabric. So incredibly cute! And I think they'll really go well with my diaper bag. Thank you so much bestie! The ones that my bestie made, are even cuter than these ones! Is that possible? Yes, it is! H

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