Sunday, September 26, 2010

Lalaloopsy Dolls

Have you ever heard of Lalaloopsy Dolls? I hadn't. Until our Baby Shower. A friend of mine got Charlotte one. So cute!

These are the 8 dolls so far. With their little animal friends. Each doll comes with an animal.

They are seriously cute! And actually pretty big. About 13 inches tall.

This is the doll that my friend got Charlotte. I just think she is so cute! And she comes with a little Zebra!

I just couldn't resist. Look at those cute pjs. And the little sheep! I bought this little one just last week. :)

These 2 are on my list. They're twins! :)

These have to be the cutest little dolls! Like I said, each doll comes with a little animal. These are like a "Modern Rag Doll." At least that is what they remind me of. They are a little pricey. About $45 for a doll. Or the 2 last ones can be bought together for $67. But I think they're a great buy. Because it's something your little girl can grow with. And the fabrics are so lush! H

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