Thursday, September 16, 2010

My Amazing Sister-in-Law

I really do have an amazing sister-in-law. I first met her on my wedding day. Just after becoming Mrs. M. C was always so happy that I was part of her family. She Welcomed me with open arms. And C and I became fast and good friends, during the 3 months of "Wedded Bliss" that T and I shared.

After T and I separated, C and I still remained close. I know it was hard for her. She felt like she was having to choose between the 2 of us. I tried to make it easy for her. But T made it really difficult for her.

No matter what, C and I are close. And she's been amazing. Especially when I found out I was pregnant with Charlotte. She was my shoulder when I found out everything about T. And when I decided to get divorced. It's been tough. And C has been right here at my side.

C has also showered Charlotte and I with gifts during my pregnancy. At least twice a month, I get a package from her. With cute baby clothes and toys. And she always puts something inside for me. For our Baby Shower, it wasn't any different. C bought me 2 dresses and some jewelry. :)

I LOVE the color of

this dress! It's also so comfy! This dress will be nice to wear for work and church too! And it's only $25 at Target. :)

Don't you just love the flower pattern of this dress? I also really like the colors! It's another super comfy dress. This one is $30.

Thank you C! You're amazing! This was so unexpected. But such a nice thing for you to do. I love everything you bought for Charlotte and me. I'm so glad Charlotte has an amazing Auntie like you. I just wish we could spend more time together. H

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