Saturday, September 18, 2010

Halloween Costumes

Halloween is less than a month away! S bought W a Halloween costume as a joke. This Superman costume. And I really like it. I even tried it on W. He didn't seem to mind it. But then again, W is a pretty laid back dog.

I can't wait to dress up W for Halloween! You know, W is "Superdog." :)

But it got me thinking. Charlotte is going to be a few weeks old at Halloween. And we live in a "Family" neighborhood. I was already planning on handing out candy. But I had forgotten about Halloween costumes. So I went looking online last night.

This is what I found for Charlotte...

I'm really in love with this little pink bunny. I know it's a little big. But this is just precious!

Sunshine Bear? Are you serious? Another really cute baby costume. And who doesn't like the Care Bears?

This sunflower is too cute! And it looks very "Newborn Friendly" too!

A Glow Worm? I'm in love! This is just a cute costume!

Now some costumes for me...

A Ladybug. I think this is nice. A good post-pregnancy costume. One that I can modify a bit to be more "Mommy Friendly."

This Bumblebee is also a nice choice. Covers up everything. And is still cute.

This Fairy/Butterfly is also a nice one. I'd would probably wear leggings with the skirt. And a long sleeve top instead of this top. You know, I'm going to be a mommy. :)

I had fun looking at all the costumes. Trying to decide on what to buy. I want Halloween to be special for Charlotte and me. It's our 1st holiday together. And I think it's important to start good family traditions early. I just want my little girl to have everything that I didn't.

So what costumes did I order? I ordered Charlotte the pink bunny. It was a little expensive. But it's going to be so worth it! I can't wait to see her all dressed up. And I got the ladybug. I figured that with some leggings and flat shoes, I'd be OK. Now all I have to do is wait on my order. And my little girl. :) H

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