Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Maternity Fashion

I read this blog post today. I wish it had been around 3 months ago. Maybe I would have better known how to dress my body. Ugh! I'm just not good at these things. And I could have used the help. Especially for work clothes. Being that I'm less than a month from having Charlotte, I probably won't be buying any more maternity clothes. But this was a good read.

Cardigan Empire is a good blog in general. You know, for all things fashion related. And if you're pregnant, there is an entire section of the blog, dedicated to Maternity fashions and body types. At this point, I'm a "Low and Lush" gal! Is it funny, that I sorta wish, I was going to be pregnant for a few more months? You know, so I would have an excuse to go shopping. :) H

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