Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Life Unexpected

This is one of my favorite shows. I know. I probably sound like I'm 13 year old or something. But I just like it. Something about it makes me smile. And I have my bestie to thank for it. She talked and talked about it. Until I finally caved in and watched all of Season 1. :)

Tonight, it came back! I was so happy. OK, so next week might get complicated. You know with Glee returning on Tuesdays too! But this week's episode was so good! You know, after Cate and Ryan got married. I was bummed about that. I really like Baze. But the new Eric character, I'm liking him. I think he could spice up the show. In a good way.

This is what my pregnant self does. Gets really into TV shows. Like if these people are my "real life friends." You know, since my "real life friends" all live so far away. But it's OK. I need a little down time. And time to just enjoy life for a while. I hear, newborns are quite a handful. So until Charlotte gets here, I'm going to enjoy my favorite shows, a bowl of fruit, and just relaxing. H

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